June 12, 2020

Dear Norwood Curling Club Members & Friends,

The Curling Club Executive is hoping that everyone is staying healthy and mentally well as the lockdown restrictions begin to ease. The Executive has continued to hold regular meetings online since the end of the season and we are doing what we can to plan for the upcoming curling year. At this time, we are preparing for the 2020/21 season to proceed and working to develop flexible plans that will let us adapt to whatever rules are in place with whatever precautions will keep our members safe. We will be following the Ontario guide for the opening of Sports Complexes. There are currently too many unknowns to allow us to schedule a specific date for the Annual General Meeting or confirm registration and Open House events at this time, but we plan to keep you well-informed as things progress.

Prior to the physical distancing requirements, we had produced promotional business cards for the Norwood Curling Club. In the future, we would like to make these cards available to all members to distribute to friends and acquaintances as a means of assisting in word of mouth advertising.

Looking forward to a safe re-opening of Ontario and a return to curling in the autumn,

Derek Hatfield
President РNorwood Curling Club 


Norwood Curling Club has partnered with Imprinted Apparel!

Imprinted Apparel is our official curling supplier, please visit their website at https://imprintedapparelstore.com/NCC for clothing supplies. If you order items arrangements can be made to have it dropped off at the club.

As well if you want to see what they have for sale you can check this link http://www.peterboroughcurlingshop.com/

In addition with support from Imprinted Apparel we will have a regular supply of brooms, broom heads, sliders, grippers at the club for sale. Any questions please speak to your convener.

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